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🔥 In this Thought #3 we are talking about English for Tech Content Creators.

Ever wondered if your English skills are good enough for creating tech content? 🤔 Here’s a fresh perspective: Why does one of my most successful articles still contain English mistakes? 📝

Here’s the simple truth: when readers engage with your online content, they’re not out to nitpick grammatical errors or linguistic flaws to make fun of you ❌. They’re seeking value, insights, and a genuine connection.

Sure, I don’t mean you should be careless with errors, but the real focus should be on sharing your knowledge and ideas without getting bogged down by perfectionism. Don’t let fear hold you back! Ship that article or video today. Even better, speak up confidently whenever the opportunity arises.

And guess what? Despite its imperfections, that article has already garnered over 30k views! 🚀 That’s a testament to how many tech enthusiasts it has helped, and continues to help.

So, if you’re sitting on valuable content, remember: it’s not about flawless language; it’s about sharing your unique insights with the world. Embrace your voice, and watch the impact unfold. 💡🌟 Now, should I go back and update all my tech articles/videos, not necessarily, even if I recommend it, but I’m OK with some, they remind me of my progress.

This applies to other fields or skills, NOT ONLY ENGLISH.


Here are some resources I use to improve my English skills, I’m not a native English speaker, but I do believe it might help you regardless of your first language:

BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English
The world’s favorite online thesaurus!
Grammarly for Chrome (while writing)
Google Translate

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